G powers: 340g

User:Jewil, Masquerade, Alice, Akira, Billy, Runo, Julio.

Available attributes:Haos, Subterra, Darkus,

Ability cards: Desert hole: Can move to another gate card(Subterra)

Spiced assault: Transfer 100 g from opponent to centipoid(Darkus)

Grand down: Nulfilies opponent' s gate card(Subterra)

Pyrus- Dark relation: Add 100 g if tagged or against Pyrus bakugan(Darkus)

Aquos-Subterra relation: Add 100 g if tagged or against Aquos bakugan

Appearance: Ball form: Keychain series

Bakugan form: A large centipede

(If you don't believe any of these, whatch bakugan show on you-tube)

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